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With us You can effectively fight smog

ION System


Metalerg, expert in biomass boilers production, in cooperation with mechatronics specialists – Brightair, developed family of products capable of efficient purifying the flue gas. Our solution supports wide range of heating systems and devices.

With our products we are able to purify the  flue gas from deleterious to heath PM10 and PM2.5 particles. Regardless Your current heating solution – fireplace with couple of kW of power, coal-fired boiler or solid biomass boiler with up to 1MW of power, we can help You with increasing it class.

Our devices remove majority of particles from flue gas, hence reducing their emission to atmosphere. In order to achieve extraordinary particles reduction, from 500mg/m3 down to 30mg/m3, electrostatic field is used. Flue gas with particles is exposed to high density electrostatic field that ionizes them. Particles are attracted to the collection electrode – easy to clean metal net.

For more details and price list of our products, please contact us through contact form or by email ion@brightair.eu.

Low cost, higher class

ION system devices improve the class of used heating system without the necessity of its replacement. Our electrostatic precipitators are capable of working with fuel of humidity up to 35%. Their well-though design allows to use them as standalone air filtering solution or as a part of cascade filtering system. In boilers provided by Metalerg company You can find two solutions: multicyclone/electrostatic precipitator and collection chamber/electrostatic precipitator. During development and tests it was proven that our solution provides removal of partiales from 680mg/m3 down to 29mg/m3.

Safety and comfort

ION system devices are equipped with built-in industry level safety features and functional safety design. Thanks to that and in-house testing of each unit, operation of the products is halted in user-dangerous conditions.

One of many convenient features of our devices is monitoring and control function over the Internet from any place in the world.

Each of our ION system devices is capable of establishing the connection with Brightair Cloud. Our cloud solution provides uncompromising time and cost reduction – maintenance, diagnosis, launch and shut down are now possible over the Internet.

Robust design and field-proven technology

At Brightair we are focused on safety aspects -that is why ION system units are equipped with built-in industrial level protection. At very early development stage, high voltage power supplies were designed and equipped with solutions and features providing safe and failure-free operation. In case of cable damage, end stop or safety button activation, disconnection of the high voltage power supply during normal operation from main control unit the system will shut down the high voltage generation.

ION system composes from two elements:

Zasilacz wysokiego napięcia PSU-50
Jednostka sterująca MCU-8
High voltage power supply
Main control unit

High voltage power supply unit can be delivered in standalone version or as a unit connected to main control unit. Second solution allows to control multiple high voltage power supplies from one device and place.

Each high voltage power supply from ION system serie is equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protections, guarding the electronics and user from unexpected events. Brightair power supplies provide electronics output voltage regulation, hence fitting perfectly to boilers of different powers. High voltage power supplies are available with different preconfigured output voltage.

Main control unit can operate with up to 8 high voltage power supplies, providing enough channels to cover completely high power boilers. The unit is equipped with internet connection, enabling monitoring and maintenance over Brightair Cloud.

Power supplies and main control units can be customise with Your logo.