Projektowanie elektroniki i programowania

Electronic hardware design and software development

From a concept to the final product

At Britghtair we have one thought behind – building products of highest quality.

Our interdisciplinary team stay open for most demanding challenges. We gained our experience in following areas – automotive, industry, IT and consumer electronics. Brightair provides complete support with electronics designs, software development and simple mechanical structures (housings, devices). We provide guidance with industrialisation and production.

If You are looking for expertise in one of the following fields, contact us through contact form or by email

  • Industrial application devices
  • Automotive application solutions
  • Toys and gadgets design
  • Sensors and detectors design
  • Power supply design
  • Analogue, digital and mixed-signal electronics design

Electronics design

One of our main focus is design of advanced electronics circuits and support of existing teams and projects with our knowledge and experience.
Our fields of operation are broad enough to support consumer electronics, as well as industrial application. We offer our expertise in analogue, digital and mixed-signal electronics designs, covering complete and complex products.
Support from our side begins at the early stage of product and finalise at the production site – functional description, concept definition, specification, block schematic, schematic, PCB layout (up to 8 layers) and production documentation. We offer support with already started project at any stage of it.

Throughout the years, our team had gained the expertise in design of sustainable devices. We are capable of delivering energy efficient devices, made from cutting edge, biodegradable materials.

Software design

Our team has competencies for creating software for embedded systems, PC computers and PLC controllers. We deliver software and programs for our own products and designs, as well as for platforms delivered by our clients.

We are working with current standards and leading technologies, addressing directly business needs of our clients. Remote access, remote control and monitoring of Your devices is delivered by our Brightair Cloud.

Housings and mechanisms design

Brightair can support You with 3D modelling and mechanisms designs (constructions, devices), as well as housings for the devices. We offer complete production documentation and support with industrialisation.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-art 3D printer, allowing us to deliver quick-turn housings prototypes and devices.